Feb 112008

Been a LONG time since I posted!

Sascha’s done except for final touches on her stand.

Finished and mailed away another doll… Rhainnon the Goddess of Inspiration and the Moon.  There are pictures of her here

Now I’m back working on chainmaille for the silver haired doll.  I changed her design again… and finished her top/cuirass thingy (I think).

I’m not 100% happy with her eyes… something just seems off, I think one iris is a tad bigger than the other maybe?  I’m gonna play around with her picture in paintshop and see if I can figure out what I can do to fix.

Her skirt still needs work, then she needs at least one pauldron, bracers, boots, and shield, and a big ole sword.  Then her own stand before Sascha’s starts her wardance and demand her’s back *grin*

I was going to call her Mist… but I don’t think that name fits.  Will have to think of something else.

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