Oct 262010

Very very first thing you will need is hair. And you are going to want nice hair if you are putting this much work into it, right? So here are some good places to start…

  • MyLittleCustoms – absolutely gorgeous nylon & genuine saran hair in all kinds of colors. Good prices and an awesome lady too! — I’ve bought nylon hair from here & as promised I have a picture of what it looks like rerooted on a girl. You need 2 hanks to reroot a barbie.
  • RestoreDoll – they sell genuine Katsilk saran (the stuff Mattel uses). Tons of colors & I hear they are great to deal with.
  • Doctored Locks – I’ve bought their Synthetic Yaky Switch Toyokalon Braid and used it on a few dolls (Tara, A’Tika, Jacqueline). One package will reroot at least 2 barbies with hair down to their ankles… maybe even 3. I’d buy more from these guys except they raised the shipping to Canada to a crazy amount :(
  • Other sources of doll hair could be from donor dolls, embroidery thread, or nylon rope. I’ve got on my “to-do” list to try out nylon rope… if I ever get it done, I’ll show pictures.

I’ve taken some comparison pictures of the various types of synthetic hair I have on hand to give you an idea of how much you get & visual differences. It’s hard to show the differences of each, as some of it is how the hair feels to touch (nylon is very very soft & silky, saran almost as soft… Toyokalon & Kanekalon a bit stiffer, and I mean just a bit).

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