Oct 272010

Hair styling has never been my strong point, so I won’t be explaining how to do any fancy up-to-do or anything… at least not right now. For now I’ll try to explain what I do to get her hair curly… which is a basic boil perm.

First off, you are going to need some rollers and perm papers. I’m cheap (or frugal… however you want to call it), so I use what I have on hand. That’s straws and toilet paper (the cheap one-ply stuff that doesn’t disolve in water), or saran wrap, or tissue wrap.

I take one sheet of the paper and rip it in half. Then I separate her hair into little sections and wrap the 1/2 sheet of paper around it and pull it down to cover the ends. Then I roll it up onto the straw until its tight up against her head and hold it in place with either a bobby pin or I take a straight pin and stick it through the straw and into her head. Sadistic aren’t I? I continue doing this until I have all her hair rolled up.

This is what Rhiannon looked like all rolled up in straws & saran wrap….

Rhiannon at the spa

Now you need some boiled water, so go put the kettle on and find a bowl big enough to dunk all her hair into it. Also, you are going to need a boil full of very cold water. In the past I have put a plastic baggie over her head so her hair didn’t get wet, but I have found that the hair doesn’t take to a curl as well, so I’d advise you not to do this. Then I dunk her head into the boiled water for 10 to 15 seconds and then immediately dunk it into the cold water until it is cool. This is the part that sets her curls.

This is the tough part for me… because the next thing I do is repaint her face, leaving her hair in the curlers until I’m done that is the best thing to do.

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