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  • I highly recommend getting an eyelet setter. It will make setting eyelets a breeze! The one I use is actually for scrapbooking, called Making Memories Instant Setter.
  • If using 1/16″ eyelets, use a thumb tack to help you push that sucker through both leather & fabric. It’s diameter is slightly smaller than the eyelet so you won’t have to worry as much about the eyelet falling out after
  • Please look on my links page under costuming supplies for where to get them.

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    Your tips and tricks are great! Your dolls are amazing!
    I have to ask – where do you find 1/16″ eyelets? Tiny eyelets like that are so elusive and I’d love to find a good supply. Any tips would be really welcome. Thanks a million.


      Thanks Donna!
      Where I get my eyelets has got to be the most asked question I hear. On my links page under customing supplies there are links to a few places. My favorite is Quietfire Designs in that they are Canadian, and not far from where I live. Eyelet outlet is also a good place, as well as Volcano Arts (if your in the States as shipping charges are high elsewhere). As a general rule, places that suply leather binding for books are good sources. Good luck eh!


        Thanks a million for the Quietfire Designs suggestion; I’ve checked them out already. I’m in Canada too, so it’s nice to be able to buy locally. Quietfire’s prices are very reasonable! I’d just spent three times as much (plus high shipping charges) for the same quantity from a US company. Cheers!

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