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This has become my favorite way of getting some curl into a doll’s hair.  You don’t have to mess around with straws or rolling papers… all you have to do is get comfortable and braid.

What you want to do is to divide up little sections of her hair, and braid it.  The thickness of each braid depends on how cinky you want her hair.  For very cinky, like Faith…

… you will need to create lots of tiny braids.  For a more softer look, like Audrey…

… the braids can be larger, but you still will have to do a lot of them.

A word of caution here, do not use elastics to secure your braid… they tend to snap when put into cold water.  Not a good thing.  I usually use thread, but I’ve been meaning to try out the elastic thread you can get… you know that is elastic wrapped with thread?  I’ll update this when I try it out.

Now… you’ve got your girl (or guy) all braided up.  Now it’s time to set the wave.  Go get a kettle on and boil some water on the stove, not the microwave!  The microwave will tend to over heat the water and melt your doll’s hair.  Not a good thing! 😉  While the kettle is getting hot, go get some ice from the freezer.  Get yourself a bowl/cup/pot/whatever that is deep enough so that you doll’s hair will be completely emersed into it.  Fill it up with cold water & ice.

Is your kettle hot yet?  No?  Well stop watching it! 😉

Ok, now your water is hot.  Sit your dollie down in the sink, and pour the hot water on her hair making sure you get it all wet.  Do that for 10 seconds or until you run outta water.  Then carefully pick her up (she’s gonna be hot!) and dunk her head into the cold water.  That is what’s gonna cool her down & set the curl.  Let her sit in it for a few minutes until her hair is cool to touch.

Unless her are way better at braiding than I am, the ends of her hair is gonna be straight cause you didn’t get it into the braid.  To fix this, we are gonna cut them off.  Get out your sharp scissors and cut off the end of each braid just above the thread you used to secure it.  Then while the hair is still wet, start undoing all those braids you spent hours creating :)) .  I use a needle to pull them apart & gently finger comb her hair.  Don’t brush it unless you want major frizzies!

Let her hair air dry and viola… you created a hippy (sorry, but that’s what my hubby calls them).


PS: I found this other tutorial for doing wavy hair that is awesome.  This lady does some very pretty dolls!

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