Nov 142010

First thing you are going to have to do is clean her, even if she looks clean or is a brand new doll. A good bath never hurt anyone. I use whatever soap I have on hand, be it dish washing soap or cheap shampoo and hot water. Because I need her head off to give her rooted eyelashes or to reroot her hair, then while I’m using the hot water, I will pop her head off her body. The vinyl is softer when it’s warm and you won’t be as likely to break her neck. If it’s a newer Barbie, you’ll need a pair of needle-nose pliers to reach inside her head and unhook the neck knob hooky-thingys. I found this little tutorial that explains how to remove a head much better than I can…

Once you have her head off, set her body aside, and stick the handle part of a wooden spoon into her head. It gives you something to hang on to while you work on her hair and face.

Once I have her good and clean, I take a look at her hair. If she looks like Melina did…

then I jump to the rerooting section as she doesn’t have anything to detangle.

If it’s tangled, then I position her hair into a bowl and pour fabric softener on it so it covers it all. Then I go have a coffee or do some housework and let her just soak in it for at least an hour. After she’s finished soaking, I squeeze out the excess softener from her hair, grab a towel and a comb and I start combing her hair starting from the ends and working my way up until all the tangles are out. Don’t fret too much if some of her hair comes out, it will have to be an awful lot before she’ll go bald. I have yet to comb a barbie bald, or even close!

Once I have all the tangles out, I rinse out the fabric softener with hot tap water being careful not to re-tangle it. Then I take a look a the ends of her hair. If they are kinky and frayed, then I pouring boiling water over her hair in the hopes of getting those kinks out. If that doesn’t work, then you’re going to have to snip them off.

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    I think you’re very talented, and would love to see you do a female ,male pirate buo ! And a tomb raider yes of course angelina jolie is my girl. But you have to admit she’s a great warrior! I found you by looking for native American dolls. I love your native creations! By the way my name is Annie…….

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