Dec 312011

How I reroot a doll….

The type of hair I used here is a mix of Midnight Black and Brunette Saran (mainly midnight black) purchased from My Little Customs. You can also get the long needle to make your “tool” from her as well.

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    Your method is still the best one! I love the cork handle idea on your needle.


    To update… I’ve up the amount strands I use in a plug to 40-50.


    […] Hair Re-rooting […]


    There needs to be a tutorial on how to handle and separate/combine hair without getting it tangled up all over the place. lol Do you set aside a number of plugs before you start? I’m finding myself 5 hours later with one plug in and doll hair all over and a tangled mess of the rest of it.


    You are a GENIUS! This is the absolute BEST method !


    The BEST genius method Ice. I share this link all the time.
    Mr Calvin – I buy 38″ hanks. I wrap a tiny piece of paper around the middle (with the color name written on it)& use a magnet to hold the paper to a metal table. I only take a few strands out at a time (sometimes only one) being careful that the strands I pull out aren’t tangling up the hair on the other end & that the whole thing doesn’t fall on the floor in a tangled heap. I lay them on my kitchen counter, line up the ends & WET them. I keep wetting with every few strands. I count 36-42 strands. Then I cut the 38″ wet clump in 4 parts for Ken, 3 parts for long hair & 2 parts for REALLY long hair & knot the pieces in the center. When I put the hank away I put a clip on the hank over the paper in the center, fold the hank in half & put the arms of the clip over the hank. I use those plastic paper clips (they’re usually black) that have the metal arms (hope that makes sense) To store the hanks, I carefully lay my hanks (folded in half like I said) on a huge piece of fabric, fold the sides of the fabric over it & carefully fold it all to fit in a box.

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