Dec 312011


Here is a closeup of the toyokalon & nylon together in the same color (I like silver *grin*)

What do the dolls look like after they’ve been rerooted?

Well, here are two I’ve done with Kanekalon & Toyokalon. I’ll add more as I do them. Neither of these 2 have been styled so they both still have that “puffy” look…

Here’s one I’ve done in Nylon hair (Black Magick with a streak of After Midnight)

What kind of hair should I NOT get?

You can kinda tell by the price. If it’s 2 bucks for a big bag… think twice. One kind is usually called Jumbo Braid, and another that I’ve gotten was called “kanekalon silky yaki pony”. The hair is coarse, rather dull looking (not much shine) and the strands are not uniform in thickness. Here is a picture of jumbo braid & nylon, hopefully you can see the difference in the thickness of the strands. You can DEFINITELY feel the difference!

Where can you buy the hair?

DoctoredLocks – Synthetic Yaky Switch Toyokalon Braid & Silky Straight Kanekalon Braid (don’t get the jumbo braid!)

HairMods – Silky Kanekalon

My Little Customs – Nylon & Katsilk Saran

Restoredoll – Katsilk Saran (I haven’t purchased from them myself, but hear good things)

My Personal Opinion?

After having rerooted a girl with all of the above types of synthetic hair… my favorite is the nylon. That doesn’t mean I won’t use toyokalon or kanekalon, it just means that if I can get the right color and have the money for it… I would prefer to use nylon hair. Biggest reason for that is the way the hair feels. It is so soft and silky, much more so than the other hair types I’ve tried and even more than the saran hair barbie usually comes with. I love how it feels.

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