Mar 312012


  • Very thin tooling leather (I used 2oz petite calf, but I think this will work just as well
  • A sharp exacto knife
  • Pattern
  • A well sharpened pencil
  • Clear tape

For this tutorial, I created this pattern.  It’s a very simple bustier that will be laced up in the back….



Ok… so you take your pattern and roughly cut it out of the leather leaving a bit of an edge all around it like so…

Now take a damp sponge or  cloth and wet your leather… first the back side…

Then the front making sure it’s all evenly damp…

Now for the hard part… go do your dishes or something else and let the leather dry to where the color is just about what it was before you wet it.  This is called casing the leather, and if it’s too damp the leather will heal itself.

Is it ready yet?

Ok… now get that tape.  I used just regular tape here, but in hindsight packing tape would have worked better.  Whatcha gonna do is tape the pattern overtop of the leather and onto the table or a mat.  You want to completely cover your pattern with the tape so that as you are drawing over the pattern, the paper won’t warp because of the damp leather.

Once you have it securely taped down, take your pencil and go over the entire design pressing down firmly.  I use a pencil for this because for one reason, I can see where I’ve been and the other reason is that the pencil seems to glide nicely.

Got it all done?  Are you sure?  Absolutely sure?  Ok, let’s take a peak…

It’s marked into the leather!

Now… get the exacto knife and carefully cut the pattern out.

Now it’s time to form it onto the doll.  My leather was still slightly damp at this point, but if yours isn’t then wipe it at the bust spot with your damp sponge.  Don’t soak it, just dampen it a bit.

Using your fingers, push the leather around her bust starting from between her boobs.

and around the top of her breasts, smoothing it out as much as you can.

Keep pushing the leather to form around her breasts until it fits smoothly.  I use a little piece of tape to hold the back together so it stays on while doing this.

Let it dry completely on her, then you can paint it and add the eyelets in the back so you can lace it up.

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