Apr 012012

This is what I posted over on http://www.vtwinmama.com/motorcycles_for_short_riders.htm

It’s a list of bikes that are rode by the more “vertically challenged” :)

2011 Harley-Davidson Sportster Superlow

The Reviewer
Audra Baldinger
Height: 4’11” (26” inseam)
Years of Riding Experience: less than a year

Bike Basics
Model: Sportster Superlow
Year: 2011
Type: Cruiser
Purchase Details: I originally purchased a 1992 Yamaha Virago to learn on, but found the levers too difficult to reach and the bike top heavy.  After a lot of tears and frustration, my husband found a superlow at Trev Deeley’s (the last one!) and bought it for me.

Engine Displacement (cc): 883
Number of Gears: 5
Final Drive: Belt
Cooling System: Air
Seat Height (unmodified): 25.5″
Carburetion Type: Fuel Injected
Fuel Capacity: 17 liters
Weight: 563lbs

Comfort (original set up)
Hand/Foot Controls:
The hand controls are way better than the Virago, as I can actually reach them.  The foot pegs I hated as they weren’t straight. They dropped back… a picture is worth a thousand words

They made it so my short feet couldn’t reach the shifter peg.  It was an easy fix though, and an excuse to get new pegs. I got stock pegs from an Iron 883 that someone had taken off for $20 at the dealer.
Seat: Solo seat designed for the superlow in that it is very narrow and low making it easy to reach the ground.
Long Rides: I haven’t gone very far with her yet, and if I would relax a bit more she would be comfortable.

Highway Power/Zip:
She’s got more than enough power for me at my current skill level.
Tight Turns: She’s been able to maneuver any tight turns I’ve tried on her so far, and would probably even turn tighter if I’d relax more (new rider syndrome *grin* )
Twisty Roads: I haven’t had a chance to take her on any real twisters yet as I still have my learners, but she’s been great everywhere we have been and I feel confident on her.
Wind/Rain/Heat: I haven’t had any problems with her on wet roads, and she runs great even on hot days.  With the fuel injection, she starts every time and I don’t have to play around with a choke.  Nor do I have to worry about her stalling when cold.
Braking Power: She stops awesome!

Modifications Made
What I Changed:
So far just the foot pegs.

Added Extras
What I Added:
Just a tool bag and a windshield.

What I’m Doing:
Usual maintenance like checking the oil & tire pressures.  She’s still under warranty with the dealer.

What I Think:
I love my bike!  She’s comfortable for me to sit on, and doesn’t feel top heavy like the Virago did.  With my short legs, I do wear boots with heels but I could probably use a ½” more so it’s easier to duck walk her around. I don’t have any problems with her stalling on me, and it’s easy to find her fiction zone.  I also don’t look quite so little sitting on her, nor do I feel so small… we fit each other. She gives me a better a sense of confidence. The weight distribution on her feels low and not so top heavy… it’s like she wants to stay up straight. I’m not sliding around on the seat, and can easily reach the clutch & brake lever! Because she’s fuel injected, she’s not nearly as temperamental and hasn’t stalled on me yet… believe me she should have!  Oh, and she will shut herself off when she does decide to take a nap *blush*

Did I mention that I love my bike? 😉

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