Oct 172012

I’ve had such an awesome summer!  LOL… it’s the middle of October, and I’m still thinking it’s summer, although it’s cool enough now to actually be fall.

Last April when I brought out my motorcycle, I was determined to learn to ride it.  I had about 200km’s on her.  At the time we had learned about Sturgis North that was going to be in Vernon on July 18th – 22nd.  My husband and I decided that I probably wouldn’t be ready to ride there by then.  So I set a goal for my self to pass my MST and then get my license, and then to attend the Port Alberni Toy Run.

On May 6th, I passed my MST

On May 15th, I passed my motorcycle license

On July 18th, the day Sturgis North was starting, I was in Prince George because my husband and I had rode there from Vancouver Island.  Wow!  What a ride!  And coming back was even more awesome!

On September 15th, I attended the Port Alberni Toy Run.  I not only reached my goal, I surpassed it!

And I’m still riding into October (7400km’s later), and will continue to ride every chance I get!

I have proven to myself that I am a lot stronger than I had believed.  Magic does happen, all you have to do is believe.

I love my life!

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