Feb 142013

So I’m bouncing from one doll idea to an other again… but have been trying to concentrate on my St. Paddy doll since there is a deadline on this one.  Her name is Eithne.  She was originally a surf city Midge (just like Sienna… yeah, I have a couple of these dolls 😉 )


I’ve removed all her original face paint, and given her a haircut.  I’ve also made her a green suede top hat…

Eithne Progress


I also gave her leg a simple tattoo…

Eithne's Tattoo

As you can see… she needs a face still :)

I’ve got her green suede dress put together, I’m just not sure how I’m gonna finish it.  I’m thinking of making her a little red velvet cloak & some fishnet stockings.  Not sure what I’ll do about boots… should I make them green or black?  Then there’s the pot of gold… not sure how I’ll do that.  Decisions 😕

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    Whoot!! – that is a KILLER hat!!

    I think the red velvet would be over the top/Christmassy… you might try lighter/darker/different shade of green and/or black? – fishnet stockings would cover her tattoo… which I LOVE (I’m assuming that’s a leg… *grin*) – and the boots should be black. Remind me to send you some ‘stuff’ (ie. random bits you can use for doll props… say… a ‘kettle’ that’s the perfect size for a pot of gold? LOL) – right, I’ll just do that…

    Hugs honey!


      OOOoooo! You have a kettle? Oh, I want! That would be awesome! Thank you!!!!

      The stockings I’m planning on making just thigh high, and would come just below the tattoo so they won’t cover them. I’m thinking of doing shoes for her with spats maybe??? I already have a green velvet cloak made… hmmm… gotta go see if I can find it.

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