Aug 072015

It’s been a long time, but I finally created something!  Oh my it feels good to be inspired again!

I was going to write in my journal… it’s a leather journal I bought awhile ago… and I realized that I will need to get another one as it’s almost full.  So I went to the site I bought it from but the one I love has been discontinued and all the others are so expensive.  I’m not working right now, so I can’t justify spending that kind of money.

Well… I got looking at my journal and thought to myself that it can’t be that hard to make myself.  So I googled a few tutorials, went and bought some nice parchment paper… and viola!

IMG_0288[1] IMG_0292[1] IMG_0294[1]

Outside of the paper… everything else I used was stuff I had on hand.  I want to make more of them!  I have been inspired again :)


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