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My latest passion… making leather journals :)

Made with lambskin vegetable tanned leather.  It's tied closed with a thin leather with beads & feathers on the end.

Made with lambskin vegetable tanned leather. It’s tied closed with a thin leather with beads & feathers on the end.



Forever in my heart. I miss you honey!



My future projects include in random order and subject to change:

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Feb 032013

I knew about this place before, but I never really “looked”.  Shame on me!  OMG… what cool stuff they have!  From tiny little buckles to studs to thin tooling leather!  I needed some buckles for my leprechaun’s hat and came across their site again.  Needless to say… I put in an order for more than just buckles 😉

Rio Rondo Enterprises — Model Horse Tackmaking Kits & Supplies.

While I was there, I also stumbled across a link to Stevo’s Toys and had another OMG moment.   He makes tons of 1/6th guns!  Bingo… I found a saw’d off shotgun that’s prefect for Nicole!  She’s the mad max themed girl I’ve been working on forever for my son…. hmm, have I showed her off here yet?  Hmmm…. maybe… oh well, no harm in repeating myself :)


Cool, eh?

I had taken a Jakks body, and put a barbie head on her (with some modifications… contact me if you want the tutorial I used.) Then I made up the pattern for a motorcycle jacket & her snug leather pants.  She makes those pants look hot!  I’ve also repainted her face and given her a complete reroot as my son wanted her to have dark auburn hair….



I want to tweak her face more… and maybe paint in teeth like Atalanta & Paige.  Then I need to cut & wave her hair in a Farrah Fawcett style.  My son is suppose to make her a sword whenever he has time… and I needed a saw’d off shotgun :)  She will be cool!

Anyways… enough chat!  I should get back to making that top hat! 😀

Jul 252010

Nicole has her new head of hair & face…

I still need to cut & curl her hair.

I’ve also been working on another girl, Amelia…

I’m in the process of making her a mask & a lantern, then it’s boots & a stand. She will probably end up on ebay whenever she gets done.

May 292010

Here’s some pics of my latest project. She is far from done though, but I’m proud of the biker jacket I just made for her!

It’s a replica of the one I have, less all the studs mine has. I made it with the new sewing machine I just got for my birthday… omg this machine is so cool! I’ve never used one before that actually worked properly.

Her hair now needs to be yanked out & replaced with dark brown/mahogany and then her face wiped off and redone. Also need to add some spikes and stuff to her outfit. My son is suppose to make her some weapons.

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