Jan 012014

I got a new laptop for Christmas (does happy dance) so I’m hoping I’ll be able to write here more often.  I am so impressed with Future Shop and it’s delivery speed for online orders!  I ordered this laptop on Christmas eve, and it was delivered on the morning of the 27th… with free delivery!

2013 was a fantastic year, but I am looking forward to 2014.  Each day is a new experience, and will never be the same as any other day.

Time is precious and it’s never wasted… only your thinking does that.  So enjoy what you ARE doing no matter what it is.  There is no good or bad, just opinions.

Feb 142013

So I’m bouncing from one doll idea to an other again… but have been trying to concentrate on my St. Paddy doll since there is a deadline on this one.  Her name is Eithne.  She was originally a surf city Midge (just like Sienna… yeah, I have a couple of these dolls 😉 )


I’ve removed all her original face paint, and given her a haircut.  I’ve also made her a green suede top hat…

Eithne Progress


I also gave her leg a simple tattoo…

Eithne's Tattoo

As you can see… she needs a face still :)

I’ve got her green suede dress put together, I’m just not sure how I’m gonna finish it.  I’m thinking of making her a little red velvet cloak & some fishnet stockings.  Not sure what I’ll do about boots… should I make them green or black?  Then there’s the pot of gold… not sure how I’ll do that.  Decisions 😕

Feb 032013

I knew about this place before, but I never really “looked”.  Shame on me!  OMG… what cool stuff they have!  From tiny little buckles to studs to thin tooling leather!  I needed some buckles for my leprechaun’s hat and came across their site again.  Needless to say… I put in an order for more than just buckles 😉

Rio Rondo Enterprises — Model Horse Tackmaking Kits & Supplies.

While I was there, I also stumbled across a link to Stevo’s Toys and had another OMG moment.   He makes tons of 1/6th guns!  Bingo… I found a saw’d off shotgun that’s prefect for Nicole!  She’s the mad max themed girl I’ve been working on forever for my son…. hmm, have I showed her off here yet?  Hmmm…. maybe… oh well, no harm in repeating myself :)


Cool, eh?

I had taken a Jakks body, and put a barbie head on her (with some modifications… contact me if you want the tutorial I used.) Then I made up the pattern for a motorcycle jacket & her snug leather pants.  She makes those pants look hot!  I’ve also repainted her face and given her a complete reroot as my son wanted her to have dark auburn hair….



I want to tweak her face more… and maybe paint in teeth like Atalanta & Paige.  Then I need to cut & wave her hair in a Farrah Fawcett style.  My son is suppose to make her a sword whenever he has time… and I needed a saw’d off shotgun :)  She will be cool!

Anyways… enough chat!  I should get back to making that top hat! 😀

Jan 202013

I decided to attempt making some fairy wings using cellophane and gallery glass… and am experimenting with embossing powder.  Cool stuff!  I love how it kind of bubbles on the wings.

This picture isn’t the best… but it’s a picture?

Fairy Wings

Jan 072013


Facts on Honey and Cinnamon: It is found that a mixture of honey and Cinnamon cures most diseases.

via Facts on Honey and Cinnamon: It is found that a mixture of honey and Cinnamon cures most diseases. – Facts – Fatal Facts.

Jan 072013

I have too much stuff!  😮

But I’m feeling really accomplished in getting some of it organized.  Thought I’d share these nifty drawer towers.  These work great for storing fabrics & other supplies!  I bought 2 of them, and sent hubby out to get more!

Gracious Living 3-Drawer Wide Tower | Canadian Tire.

Gracious Living 3-Drawer Wide Tower | Canadian Tire

Jan 012013

Thank you Life

Thank you for this breath
Thank you for this inhale
Thank you for this exhale
Thank you for this Life

Thank you Heart
Thank you for this pounding
Thank you for this pulsing
Thank you for this Love

Thank you feet
Thank you for this walk
Thank you for this run
Thank you for the Dancing

Thank you Eyes
Thank you for the Sunrise
Thank you for the Sunset
Thank you for all the Colors

Thank you Ears
Thank you for The Music
Thank you for the Rhythm
And Thank you for the Stillness

Thank you Hands
Thank you for the Caressing
Thank you for the Clapping
And Thank you for the Holding

Thank you Mouth
Thank you for the nourishment
Thank you for the Wine
Thank you for the Kisses

Thank you Nose
Thank you for the Flowers
Thank you for the Pines
Thank you for the Sniffles

Thank you Arms and Shoulders
Thank you for the Carrying
Thank you for the Burdening
And Thank you for the Hugging

Thank you Voice
Thank you for the Expression
Thank you for the Word
Thank you for the Gift of Creation

Thank you for this Day
Thank you for the Light
Thank you for the Stars
Thank you for the Night

Thank you Self
Thank you for the Laughter
Thank you for the Play
Thank you for You

Thank you for the Emotions
Thank you for the Joys
Thank you for the Tears and Sorrows
Thank you for the Richness

Thank you for the Abundance that is.
Thank you for the Abundance that is given.
Thank you for the so many experiences and so many things
Thank you for this Dance.

Thank you Life


by Gary van Warmerdam


Dec 102012

Now to decide if I should sell her… and how much 😕

Dec 022012

Atalanta's Arrows


Now to create a stand for her… which I want to have a rock or something for her to do the “Captain’s Morgan” stance on.  Pixiecritter made an excellent tutorial for creating grave stones from styrofoam which I might try to use.

Nov 052012

This morning was so beautiful!  I am so glad that I didn’t take my insurance off my bike as it was a great day to ride!

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