When Abigail first arrived in my little spa for dolls, she was a “my first Ballet lesson Teresa”.

Many hours/days later she was transformed into Lady Abigail. I am so happy with how she turned out, and I’m positive she will draw attention wherever she is displayed. One of the first treatments Abigail received was a partial repaint with artist quality acrylic paints, giving her dreamy looking blue eyes and sweet smile with pearly rose lips. To enhance her pensive look are delicate rooted eyelashes. Her hair was then let down from it’s original pony tail, and brushed off to the side and decorated simply with a tiny handmade carnation.

I spent hours upon hours carefully stitching her costume with a satiny-soft crochet cotton. I cannot begin to tell you how much loving care was taken with every stitch. Her long skirt was then trimmed with delicate black lace, and both her bodice and skirt embellished with tiny black beads. Beads were even used as tiny buttons, making her outfit removeable!

Abigail will also be able to keep her diginity as a lady with those who like peek! Under her skirt she wears delicately stitched bloomers created with shiny black rayon thread, sheer black stockings, and black high heeled shoes decorated with even more tiny beads. Her stand was created especially for her, covered with black satin and trimmed to match her exquisite costume!

To complete her costume is a delicate cameo attached to a ribbon choker trimmed in more black lace, fitting to such a lovely lady. I even created tiny dangle earings to match everything else!

Abigail is at her new home and not available for duplication

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