A’tika is just amazing to see! The amount of work, love & attention to detail I put into her is mind boggling.

So what did I do to her? LOTS!!! The first thing I did was remove her original hair and then replace it with very long gorgeous silver-white hair. Pictures do not do this hair justice… it shimmers and catches the light just like spun silver!

A’tika’s original factory paint was completely removed, and then lovingly repainted with artist quality acrylics. Her eyes are now a brilliant shade of blue, her lips a natural shade of peach. Her face has also received subtle shading to give her a more “lifelike” look. Then everything was sealed for years of protection with high quality varnish.

Now… A’tika’s costume, which is not removable. It is securely created on the doll in order to for it too look and fit it’s best.

A’tika’s cuirass was painstakingly made out of 24 gauge wire shaped into very tiny little rings and then woven (by hand!) into a European 4-in-1 chainmaille weave.

Her pauldron, bracers, skirt & boots are all made out of a wonderfully soft pure white leather. The pauldron and the skirt consists of tiny strips of leather, layered and securely fastened together. Embellishing it all are very tiny nailheads.

A’tika’s silver & white shield was inspired by the Indian Madu, which is used as a paring weapon. It is constructed using a silver earring dangle, with layers of white & silver leather to make up it’s star & 3 phases of the moon symbol, then tiny silver nailheads are placed around the symbol in a circle of unity. The sword part of the shield was pounded & then filed out of steel wire.

I am so proud of A’tika’s weapon. It is inspired by the full scale Valdris by Kit Rae. I cut it out of a sheet of 24 gauge steel. Then I did a LOT of grinding, and then filing by hand. The handle is a thin strip of white leather wrapped around and then embellished with tiny nailheads.

The blades edges are sharpened enough to cut butter *grin*, and poky enough to puncture skin… so be careful!

Check out these boots, they are cool *grin* They are made out of pure white leather, with tiny eyelets used. Then I created knee guards of strips of leather and more chainmaille!

A’tika comes with a custom made stand, wrapped in more white leather, with her name, the year & my logo embroidered on the bottom.

A’tika by *ReflectionsByIce on deviantART

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