Audrey the Paladin


Diabetes Awareness Paladin

Audrey was inspired by the strength of my mother, who has been battling diabetes since I was a child.

She was my entry in the 1st Annual Legendary Tutorials Competition

  • 2nd in the Repaint Category
  • 1st in the Costume Category
  • 2nd in the Full Makeover Category

She started out her life as a Top Model Resort Barbie. She’s had a complete reroot with gorgeous silvery-white nylon hair that shimmers & reflects light as if it was the moon. It was then heat treated into a soft permanent wave, and styled into a high ponytail.

Audrey’s original face paint has been removed, and replaced with artist quality acrylic paints. She now has brilliant blue eyes, and burgundy-rose lips. Her face has been lightly shaded with artist pastels to give her a lifelike appearance.

Audrey’s armor is made out of genuine lambskin leather. The edging, scroll work, & a blue circle (which is the international symbol of diabetes) were all hand painted onto the leather with a small paint brush. The bodice is laced through tiny eyelets at the sides and back, and the skirt belt attached to the bodice with small rings.

Her boots were created using a pair of Mattel boots as the base that have been painted silver, and then covered with leather strips that buckle in the back with tiny D-rings.

Her handmade stand was painted silver with sandstone texture tiles

On one hip Audrey carries a sword that was fashioned by hand from a piece of steel. Part of a metal bead was used to form the hand guard, and the handle wrapped in leather & enhanced with blue thread. The scabbard is also made from the same lambskin as her armor, and decorated with more scroll work. On her other hip she carries a small throwing disc similar to a chakram. It too was formed by hand and then painted with the blue circle symbolizing diabetes.

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