Aurea the Sorceress


Aurea received a partial repaint with artist quality acrylic paints. Her lips are a subtle mauve, and her eyes are a milk chocolate brown. Framing her eyes are delicate rooted eyelashes. Her strawberry blonde hair has been styled in a gentle wave, and rolled back away from her face into a gold net at the back. She wears a hand woven chainmail headdress, and hand made chainmail earrings.

I wish the pictures would show the detail of her outfit! It consists of tiny rings (1/16th of an inch ID) woven together in a 4-in-1 weave chainmail… yeah, chainmail. It took me hours and a couple sets of pliers before I was done. Trimming her chainmail are tiny glass beads. She also wears a sheer loincloth reaching down to her feet.

Aurea’s staff was made out of a branch from our plum tree with tiny gold wire wrapped around it. On the top is a unique glass marble that has been heat treated to cause the insides to crack… it catches the light beautifully! The staff is then trimmed in delicate feathers & peacock hurl.

Upon her feet are barefoot sandals made out of even more delicate chainmail!


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