Cait had all of her factory paint removed, and then was lovingly repainted with artist quality acrylic paint and then sealed for protection.

Her beautiful auburn hair received a trim and then boil permed in waves.

Caits blouse and underskirt is hand-stitched using a very delicate, almost sheer fabric. The edges of the under and over skirt was sealed with glitter. Her corset is made out of genuine suede, and laces up both in the front and the back for a firm, snug fit!

Just because Cait is a lady doesn’t mean she can’t defend herself *grin*. Under her skirts is a tiny little dagger sheath strapped to her leg made out of green suede.

Cait’s booties are also made from green suede, laced up with tiny eyelets.

There is even more suede used to cover her custom stand!

Cait’s tiny dagger was also custom made just for her!

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