Countess Amelia


Amelia received a complete repaint where all of her original factory screening was removed, and then carefully repainted with artist quality acrylics. I spent a lot of time shading and adding highlights to her face in order to give her a lifelike appearance.

She also received a complete reroot in beautiful dark Black Magic Saran hair from Her new locks were then given a permanent wave, and pulled away from her face with braids.

Her jewelry was created by hand using delicate wire wrapping with a jet black crystals and tiny micro gold beads.

Amelia’s deep magenta medieval gown has been delicately embroidered with gold thread. The front, back, and sleeves are laced up through tiny gold beads with more gold thread. Great care was taken to have this gown fit the doll perfectly and is not removable.

Amelia’s tiny lantern was also hand crafted. I used very thin sheets of brass along with twisted bronze wire to create it. Inside is a tiny handmade candle dyed to match her gown. I used black thread for the wick in order to have it look to scale… so please don’t try lighting it!

Upon Amelia’s feet are hand made guille boots using very thin lambskin leather. The edges have been finished with gold paint, and they are laced up with gold thread.

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