Davina the Angel


Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Angel

Davina was created for a friend to honor the memory of her father-in-law, Dave.

She has had all of her original factory paint removed, and then carefully hand painted with artist quality acrylics to give her a more lifelike appearance. Her hair has been styled with braids and gentle curls, then decorated with gorgeous purple beads.

Davina’s gown was created from my own hand drafted pattern. The top tunic part I used light purple crushed velvet, and the skirt portion is from beautiful shimmery satin. The edges of her gown were then hand beaded. Her delicate sandals were created using gold trim wrapped around her legs, and then embellished with more purple beads.

To finish her off, she received a delicate beaded necklace and matching earrings.

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    Hello. I was so excited to see the Davina Barbie doll. My daughters name is Davina and she is 32 years old. I was wandering if you still make the doll and if so how much it costs. I would love to surprise her with the doll.


      Hi Debbie! I only made one version of Davina for a client. Her father-in-law had passed from pancreatic cancer, and she wanted to give the doll as a gift to his wife.
      Each one of my dolls are one of a kind and won’t be replicated, but if you’d like something similar in style contact me and we’ll talk :)


    Hello Reflectionsbyice. I am sorry that i didnt see your reply till now. My daughter has bipolar and i have been dealing with her issues. She tried to take her life and is still struggling. I understand why the doll isnt available. I guess that i wouldnt want it replicated either. I appreciate that you took the time to reply to my message. I am not sure how to decide about something similar. I know that Davina is artistic and loves fantasy.She has brown hair and green eyes and she loves purple and green. Anyway, i am in canada and the border fees as well as how low our dollar is would make things too difficult. If it is alright i would like to contact you hopefully in the near future.if our dollar jumps up again. Thank you.


      No worries, Debbie.
      Currently I’m not doing any commission work as I’m working outside my home right now, and it would not be fair to take on a project with my time constraints. Sometimes it’s months before I can work on a doll :(

      If you don’t mind me asking, which part of Canada do you live? I’m on Vancouver Island.

      Audra (aka ReflectionsbyIce aka CanadianIce)


    Hello Audra. I live in Burnaby,B.C ( Vancouver )

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