Faith the Fae


If you have Faith, she will help give you the hope, strength, courage & love you need to believe we can win the fight against Breast Cancer.
1st Place Winner of the Artisan Crafts Category in the
Think Pink IV contest at deviantArt

Faith is my entry into the Think Pink IV contest’s Artisan Crafts category at DeviantArt.

Faith was originally a Fiesta Tropical Lea. She’s had all of her original factory paint removed, and then carefully hand painted with artist quality paints, giving her brilliant pale blue eyes, natural shading, and delicate pink tattoos on her face & both legs.

Faith’s elf ears were hand sculpted, and painted to match her skin tone.

Her hair has been washed, then crimped & heat set to retain it’s style.

Faith’s close fitting costume was created out of very very VERY thin sheepskin that was hand painted pink. Then I spent hours hand stitching it together with baseball stitching, and all the edges with a blanket stitch.

Her delicate wings were hand stitched to stainless steel wires, and then secured firmly to the doll.  They are slightly poseable.

Since the Think Pink Contest, she’s now been completed with a bow, arrows & a quiver

The bow’s handle was hand carved out of bone, then thin strips of maple to complete it. The maple was painted pink with design work added to match Faith’s tattoos.

The arrowheads are also carved from bone, and then fletched with feathers.

Her unique quiver contains pockets for each arrow that are labeled “Hope”, “Strength”, “Courage”, “Love”, and “Believe”.

Think Pink Fae by *ReflectionsByIce on deviantART

Awareness Mug by `JunkbyJen on deviantART

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