Leigh the Huntress


Make her yourself

Learn to make her yourself!

Leigh received a complete facial repaint (my first!), where all of her face paint was removed, then lovingly repainted with artist quality acrylics and sealed for protection. Her hair has been gently curled, given it a slight windblown look.

Her vest, boots, bracers & quiver was made out of genuine suede, and her pants & top out of faux suede. The patterns I used here was created by Legends by Valkyrie with a few modifications by me.

Some of Leigh’s details include a custom made pendant from a genuine tooth (raccoon?) & her earrings are tiny feathers from a female peacock. How cool is that!

Around her left arm is a delicate wrapped wire, and her hand has even been shaped so she will hold her longbow.

Leigh’s quiver has been inlayed with gold lame, and decorated with male peacock feathers. Her longbow is made from a cherry tree branch that has been steamed and then arched into it’s shape. It has been decorated with more peacock feathers & tiny gold wire.

Her arrows were made from stained mahogany with hand carved arrowheads and fletched with tiny grizzly hurl feathers.
Leigh’s boots also have gold lame inlays & gold cord laced through tiny eyelets.

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