Litonya started off having all of her original paint removed, and then was carefully hand painted using artist quality acrylics. Her new look is much more natural and life-like, with deep brown eyes, soft rosy lips, and subtle shading.
Her dark brown hair has been straightened and lightly trimmed. Around her head she wears a hand-braided headband, embellished with a shell concho and tiny feathers.

Great care was taken to use only natural materials as much as possible in the creating of Litonya.  Litonya’s non-removable dress was created using very soft genuine suede that has been stitched by hand, and then carefully fringed on the bottom. Tiny stitches were used to finish all of the non-fringed edges.
Also made from this soft suede are Litonya’s moccasin boots, which have been carefully stitched on to her to ensure a snug fit and are not removable. They too have been trimmed with long fringes to match her dress.

Now for the fun stuff you can mix and/or match *grin*
Litonya’s bow was a branch from my maple tree, which has been carefully bent to retain it’s curve. Around the grip I wrapped a thin strip of the suede, and then decorated with feathers and tiny shells. Her right hand has been shaped so she will hold it.
Her arrows have very tiny “obsidian-like” arrowheads (ok… they were sculpted from clay and then painted, but don’t tell Litonya that! She thinks they are real). They have been hand fletched with actual feathers.

Litonya’s medicine pouch wraps around her waist and is tied in the back. It is decorated with more fringes, and the concho was created using a piece of shell with tiny strips of leather and more tiny shells & feathers.  The quiver is also decorated to match Litonya’s pouch, and can be hung from either side.

For those cold winter days, Litonya has a short cloak that is made from pure white “polar-bear-like” fur (ok, it’s actually rabbit fur… but Litonya likes to think its bear fur so we’ll humor her *grin*). Two thin strips of leather have been threaded through a small shell to act as a draw string so it can be easily removed.

She also has a much longer suede cloak that ties at the neck, and is fringed on the bottom edge to match the rest of her costume.
Both of these cloaks can be worn together… or alone. Whichever way your heart desires!

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    Hi, just wanted to let you know that I have only just discovered your website! (I can’t believe it!!) I am the owner of Takoda and Litonya and they are the pride of my collection. I often take one or the other out of their display just to again admire the exquisite details they continue to blow me away – the accessories, the fringing (I can’t believe how you got it so even) the authenticity of the costumes, etc. etc. etc. You truly are a great artist. Keep up the fantastic work, please, and I will keep an eye out for your new girls. Best regards, Sue

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