Paige has had a complete facial repaint, with extra attention given to making her look lifelike.

Paige’s earrings were hand beaded, and attached to tiny jump rings.  I’ve got a little tutorial in the tips section on how I created them.

Paige’s removable corset was created from very thin lambskin that has been painted pearled white and laces up in the back through tiny eyelets.  I used mini brats  to attach the front panel on.  Paige’s hip scarf has white fringe & beads sewn around its edges.  The brooch was created in the same way as her earrings, but on an earring post.  It goes through eyelets that are in the ends of her scarf to keep them down.  Both the hip shawl and corset are removable… and her dress underneath has been delicately beaded.

Paige’s wings were created from hand-picked white feathers.  Each wing slips onto a wire frame that is firmly secured to the doll.


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