Rhiannon the Goddess



The Celtic Goddess of Inspiration and the Moon

Rhiannon has had a complete facial repaint where all of her original factory paint was removed and then lovingly painted in high quality acrylics & sealed for protection.

Her hair has been permed and then lightly trimmed

She wears a hand woven chainmaille headdress (yes, it’s really chainmaille and no I’m not nuts… yet *grin*)

Rhiannon’s shiny gown is made out of gorgeous liquid metal and from a hand drafted pattern created by the very talented Valkyrie of Legends of Valkyrie. Attached to her headdress is a veil of shimmering gold knit. Around her waist is a scarf made of taffeta and trimmed in a hand made fringe.

The base of Rhiannon custom made stand is also covered with the same liquid metal. On the bottom I delicately stitched her name.

Rhiannon’s elegant sandals are shimmery gold trim laced all the way up to mid-thigh… they are very cool and almost a shame that they are hidden by her gown!

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    Is the goddess Rhiannon barbie avalible to buy? If so how much? And how do I go about buying?


    This doll is so beautiful! I wish I was half as beautiful as it, so I could do the name justice.

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