The Spirit Dancer
Completed March 2011
1st Place in Repaint Category at Legendary Tutorials 3rd Annual Contest

Satinka first received a complete reroot using beautiful black magic saran. She then had all of her original facial screening removed, and was then carefully repainted using high quality acrylics. A lot of care was taken with her shading to give her a very natural glow.

Her choker was created from actual porcupine quills, seed beads, thin strips of suede, and a Sodalite stone.

Satinka’s costume was made my own drafted pattern from soft white suede. Each stitch was done by hand, using a combination of baseball & blanket stitches. It’s trimmed using white rabbit fur. It’s been tastefully decorated with Sodalite stones.

Satinka will come with all kinds of goodies! She has a spirit feather, little medicine pouch which contains healing herbs (rosemary), a ceremonial rattle, a suede satchel to carry her feather & pouch, and a hand carved bone knife with its own suede sheath.

Her hands have been reshaped so that she can carry both her knife & rattle.

When she’s not wearing her ceremonial mask, she carries it on her back attached to the straps of her dress.

On her feet she wears a pair of mukluks, created from my own pattern using suede & fur. Don’t they look comfy?

On her stand I made a medicine wheel using more Sodalite stones, and then painted the stand to look like snow.

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