Sienna Sure-Foot the Druid


NAME:Sienna Sure-foot

CLASS: Druid

SEX: Female

RACE: Half Elf

ALIGNMENT: True Neutral

ABILITIES: Low-light vision, Nature Sense, Woodland Stride, Wild Empathy

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Trackless Step, Resist Nature’s Lure

EQUIPMENT CARRIED: pouch, dagger, various herbs.

MAGIC ITEMS: Amulet of Natural Armor, Headband of Intellect

MAIN WEAPON: spear & a sling

ARMOR: Leather armor & a wooden shield


DESCRIPTION: With flaming red hair, this petite half-elf female feels more at home in the woods amongst the animals than in a village or town.

BACKGROUND: Sienna was the product of a brief affair between a young elven maiden and a barbarian human. Out of shame, Sienna’s mother abandoned her shortly after her birth in a monastery far from her parents homeland. Being neither elf or human, Sienna didn’t fit in amongst the monks or other orphans, so at a very young age she ran away to the woods. Without food or proper clothing, Sienna weakened but refused to return and rather huddled shivering in a hallowed out treestump. It was there that a kind elderly Archdruid found her. Cold, alone, and hungry as a starved dog. He took her back to his shelter and nursed her back to health. Having grown fond of each other, Sienna decided to stay on with the old druid, becoming his student.

Sienna Sure-Foot the Druid was my entry in the FantasyNetannual contest in the cleric & subclasses category. I had been in the process of making her when they announced the contest… so I was tickled pink that she would fit into the D&D rules they had for that contest *grin*

Ok… so what did I do to her?

First… She got a body transplant. Since she was suppose to be half-elf, I wanted her to be a tad smaller so I used one of the newer bodies (2006) & swapped her head for the surf-city Midge. She is about 11″ tall with her new body.

Then she got pointy ears. Yup… cute little elf ears made out of apoxy sculp and carefully blended onto her existing ears, and then painted to match her skintone.

Sienna then was stripped of her all of the original paint, and then repainted & lightly shaded with artist quality acrylics & sealers, making her appear much more life-like.

Her hair was washed and lightly curled just on the tips, and one tiny braid decorated with pheasant feathers. Around her head she wears a suede headband with a tiny gem stone (the Headband of Intellect *wink*)

Sienna’s non-removable costume is made out of very thin forest green suede, hand-sewn together (my sewing machine did not like this stuff!). To accent all the edges, I hand stitched it with contrasting thread. Yup, I went nuts and even did the belt loops *grin*

Her belt is made out of thin dark brown suede cut into strips and then braided. Her belt buckle was shaped out of brass wire… and is a working buckle!

I made Sienna’s boots from the same dark brown suede, and inserted tiny tiny eyelets to put the lacing through. The overflap of her boots are fastened together with strips of the suede pulled through tiny D-rings on the side.

Sienna’s pouch strap is more strips of soft brown leather, hand braided. Inside it she carries a little pouch of dried herbs (basil) and a few tiny rocks for her sling. Her sling is also made from the dark brown suede & thick thread braided.

Sienna’s stand is a little different than the normal saddle type stands I usually make. I didn’t like how the wire looked in between her legs, so I adjusted it to fit into her belt loops. From the front, you can’t see the wire at all *grin* The base of the stand is covered with brown suede, and then decorated with moss, dried herbs & a few rocks. Oh… and the rather tall stump so her young eagle companion has somewhere to rest.

I found Sienna’s eagle in a local gift shop here on Vancouver Island. I took him home and repainted him, and then securely fastened him to a taller stump… so he would be able to look eye to eye with Sienna.

Sienna’s wooden shield was made out of thin red oak, and then covered with layers of leather & suede… with the middle being the tree of life.

From Sienna’s belt is her knife sheath which holds a knife made by my 15 year old son. He did an awesome job!

Lastly there are Sienna’s weapons. Her main weapon is her spear. The spearhead is cut and filed out of thin steel and securely fastened to the hand carved wooden shaft. It was then decorated with very thin strips of green suede, gold beads & feathers (gotta love a hubby that ties flies *grin*).

My son made the knife by pounding a steel nail flat and then filing it to shape. He then sculpted & painted the guard and wrapped the handle with brown leather. I’m so proud! *grin*

BTW…. she won!

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