Takoda was created to be the male counterpart of Litonya, and was a joy to create!

First off, he needed long dark hair so he received a complete reroot using black saran hair with just a few streaks of dark brown mixed in. Then all of his original paint was removed, and he was repainted using artist quality acrylics giving him deep brown eyes and realistic shading.

Just like when I created Litonya, I took great care to use only natural materials as much as possible for Takoda.

His entire costume (leggings, breechcloat, moccasins, & tunic) was made out of genuine suede and carefully hand stitched & fringed. His headband was created by braiding thin strips of suede, and then embellished with tiny shells & feathers.

Just like Litonya, Takoda also has 2 cloaks… one from rabbit fur (he thinks it’s polar bear though!), and the other from the same suede as he costume.

Check out he’s accessories! *grin*

First we’ll discuss his lance. It’s made from a mahogany dowel that has been wrapped with both brown suede and white leather strips, and then decorated with feathers. The spearhead was created from actual bone… meticulously carved and sanded, and then buffed to a shine. Cool eh?

Then there is his knife. That too was carved, sanded & buffed to a shine from actual bone. Then it’s handle was wrapped with strips of suede, and a suede fringed sheath created for it, which attaches to the belt that also carries he’s suede sachel.

Finally is his calumet (peace pipe). It was created from a tube that was wrapped in suede, and then the mouth piece & bowl was carved from wood. Porcupine quills & tiny glass beads were used so it can be hung around his neck, and tiny shells and feathers to decorate it. Attached to the pipe is a tiny pouch to carry his “tobacco” (it’s actually dried parsley *grin*).

The Hunters by *ReflectionsByIce on deviantART

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