Tara the Sorceress of the Morning Star


First off, Tara received a complete hair re-root using high quality Toyokalon in a beautiful silver color.

Then all of her original face paint was removed and repainted with artist quality acrylic paint, giving her brilliant blue eyes, feathered eyebrows and soft mauve lips.

Tara’s snug fitting outfit was made out of genuine white leather trimmed with silver and over 100 tiny eyelets. Her costume is moveable by simply snipping & replacing the lacing!

The base of Tara’s custom made stand is also cover with the same white leather. The bottom is a piece of felt that I delicately stitched with her name in metallic silver thread.

Tara’s staff is also wrapped in white leather. It’s “jewel” is a marble that has been heat treated to give a sparkling cracked effect. Hanging from the staff is a sun & moon charm with abalone shell.

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