Vespera the Sorceress


The first thing I did to Verspera was give her a complete hair re-root using high quality nylon hair in Black Magicka with a streak of “After Midnight” blue. This hair is so gorgeous, and so very soft and silky to touch. I just love it!

Then all of her original face paint was removed and repainted with artist quality acrylic paint, giving her blue eyes, arched eyebrows and deep burgundy lips.

Vespera’s non-removeable costume is absolutely stunning, and a lot of work to create! It is made out of super thin black leather cut to fit her snuggly, with cut-out work done with a gorgeous blue satin. Then I spent hours creating the beaded fringes!

Vespera’s feet were then carefully wrapped with small blue ribbon, leaving her toes and heels exposed so she can continue to draw her power from the earth.


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