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*Reflections by Ice


OOAK Doll Artists

Suppliers - Leather

Supplies - Costuming

Supplies - Hair

  • DollyHair
    Supplier of nylon, saran and a couple other synthetic doll hair, also mohair.
  • My Little Customs
    Fantastic place to get synthetic doll hair… I adore her nylon colors!!!
  • Restore Doll
    Excellent source for saran doll hair
  • Retro Dolls US
    New place to get dolly hair woo-hoo!

Supplies - Painting

Tutorial Links - Costuming

Tutorial Links - Forums/groups

  • Legendary Tutorials
    Awesome forum run by Valkryie that is full of helpful artists with beautiful hearts.

Tutorial Links - Miscellaneous

Tutorial Links - Painting

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