Nov 032010

  • For supplies, you will need a set of pliers with a small needle nose, tweezers, a “mandrel” (I use a piece of 14 gauge wire… it makes a ring with an inside diameter of about 1/16″ which in my opinion is a good scale for barbie), wire to make the rings (I use 24 gauge), and wire cutters (again small so you can fit inside that tiny ring), and patience. Being insane helps *grin*
  • I won’t reinvent the wheel again as there are tutorials out there for people size maille that will work. Here are a couple links of tutorials that I used…
    AngryBoot’s tutorial on making 1/6 scale chainmaille
    Butted Mail – a guide to making chainmaille
    Chainmailbasket – more tutorials for chainmaille
  • The Ring Lord – this is where you can get your wire, or pre-made rings, or pre-made mail if you have lots of money and now patience *grin*
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