Dec 042010

Supplies & tools needed…

  • Wooden bases (I sometimes get mine from the dollar store)
  • 14 gauge wire (I use stainless steel, something that won’t tarnish)
  • Hollow metal tubing (I use K&S Engineering that is 1/8″ in diameter in either brass or aluminum.)
  • Fabric, trim, paint, oil… whatever you want to use to finish the base.
  • Felt for the bottom.
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Side cutters to cut the wire.
  • Something to cut the tubing. I use the hubby’s hack saw.
  • Something to drill a hole into the base (gotta love the hubby’s tools!)
  • The doll the stand is for

I’m not the best with words, but I’ll try to show you what I mean with pictures.

Ok… first off, you are going to take your wire and your pliers and make a loop in the front like so…

That will go in the front of the doll.

Then you need to bend the wire to go between her legs and around to her bum and then curve it sharply back down, like so…

Measuring against the doll with that curved part where she is going to “sit”, cut the wire even with her feet. That was awkward to explain *grin*.

Now… take your base and drill a hole that is the same size as your metal tubing. It should be just a tad off center towards the back of the base so the doll will stand in the middle.

Cut a piece of your tubing… I wouldn’t go less that 3″ long, but no more than 6″. The one I did for this stand was 6″. Clean up where you cut it with a file or a bit of sandpaper. This goes into that hole you just drilled in the base. Now insert the wire you just bent into the tubing. If it slide to easily… make a bit of a kink in the wire.

Why the tubing you ask? It gives your wire just a bit more strength, allows you to adjust the height of the “saddle” to fit your doll.

Now if you want you can dress up the base of your stand. On the one here I covered it with fabric & added some trim. But you can paint it too, or if you used a nice wood… just rub it with some vegetable oil to bring out it’s colors.

A word of caution though, if your doll is bare foot then make sure where her feet touch the stand is covered & not painted.

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