Oct 202012

My son wanted a black jean jacket.  Do you think we could find such a thing?  Noooooo…. but we found a blue one at a thrift store that was in good shape.  And I have black Rit Dye that I had purchased awhile ago to dye a Jakks doll black (the drow I’ve been wanting to do forever).  So today I’m gonna prep my doll to be dyed at the same time as his jacket.  BTW I’ll warn you now, I have never used rit dye before so this is my first time.

Providing I can find my dye 😕

(an hour later)

Ah-ha!  I knew I had some!  I have got to organize my supplies.  Especially before I take a break from customizing because I can’t remember where I put things.

Ok… where was I.  Oh yeah, my victim…

So… first thing I have to do is behead her.  With Jakks dolls, that’s a lot easier than it is with Mattel.  It’s basically just pull hard.

Ta Daa!!! 😈

Ok… now I’ve got to remove all her hair.  It’s in really good condition, so I may try to safe it for another doll.  Wish me luck.  What I’m gonna do is cut the hair off close to her head, and then with a pair of tweezers, pull it out from the inside.  While I’m doing that, how about you read the link below.  It’s a tutorial on how to dye my little ponies, and is what I’m going to be doing here.


I’ll be back…

Well, that was not fun.  Tedious would describe it.

Rerooting this doll with my regular method could be a major PITA.  I may have to do the tension method or make her a wig.  But we’ll deal with that later.

Now to remove all her face paint, and clean up her body… including the nail polish.  In the tutorial I mentioned before, she used acetone.  I usually use nail polish remover that contains acetone… but this girl was stubborn so I stole some of my husband’s acetone.  Wow… I know what I’m going to be using from now on!

Now to go read the instructions on the dye…

Ok, since I’m also going to be dying the jean jacket after my doll, I mixed up the dye according to the instructions with hot water.  Then I submersed my doll, and used a wooden spoon to keep her under.  And then I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  It took a whole lot more than a minute.  She turned dark purple first, which worried me.  Finally she looked black enough, so I let her soak a bit more.  Then I took her out, and rinsed her with cold water.  Finally, I gave her a nice warm bath in soapy water & one more rinse.

Ta Daa! *does happy dance*

Hard to believe it was the same doll, eh?

Stay tuned for what happens next!

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