Jan 252015

*big breath*

It’s been way too long since I’ve done anything dollie related.  It’s been like I’m stuck and have had absolutely no inspiration or incentive to create anything.  The thought just made me want to go stick my head in a hole… which I did.

Well, I got to get over it.  My body is telling me to get over it and move on.  I need to create so I can heal.

A couple of days ago I had a huge cyst removed from my right ovary.  Huge as in the size of a cantaloupe.  I’m not sure when this cyst started growing, but looking back over the last year there have been a lot of things happening… growing pains with my boys, Tanya’s death plus a couple other friends & customers passing all within a month of each other, and a lot more responsibility and hours at work.  All which made it hard for me to create.  Also, I found that I had put a lot of pressure on myself.  I had stopped creating for the sake of creating… and felt that I had to keep up with my own reputation.  That each doll needed to be better than the last.  This feeling was stifling. From what I’ve read… your ovaries have a lot to do with your need to create.  If you don’t do so, it blocks your energy in that chakra which leads to illness.  IE ovarian cysts.

So I’ve been digging around in my supplies, looking at all my unfinished projects, and searching for inspiration.  I’d love to finish my St. Paddy’s day girl in time for March.  That would be nice!  Also… season 3 of Vikings will be starting soon.  I adore Lagertha… and she would make an awesome doll.  I really love the armor they’ve made for her character in season 3!  It’s a mix of tooled leather and chainmaille.


It’s just hard to get started actually doing something.  To stop avoiding and just let go…

Feb 142013

So I’m bouncing from one doll idea to an other again… but have been trying to concentrate on my St. Paddy doll since there is a deadline on this one.  Her name is Eithne.  She was originally a surf city Midge (just like Sienna… yeah, I have a couple of these dolls 😉 )


I’ve removed all her original face paint, and given her a haircut.  I’ve also made her a green suede top hat…

Eithne Progress


I also gave her leg a simple tattoo…

Eithne's Tattoo

As you can see… she needs a face still :)

I’ve got her green suede dress put together, I’m just not sure how I’m gonna finish it.  I’m thinking of making her a little red velvet cloak & some fishnet stockings.  Not sure what I’ll do about boots… should I make them green or black?  Then there’s the pot of gold… not sure how I’ll do that.  Decisions 😕

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