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Here is a closeup of the toyokalon & nylon together in the same color (I like silver *grin*)

What do the dolls look like after they’ve been rerooted?

Well, here are two I’ve done with Kanekalon & Toyokalon. I’ll add more as I do them. Neither of these 2 have been styled so they both still have that “puffy” look…

Here’s one I’ve done in Nylon hair (Black Magick with a streak of After Midnight)

What kind of hair should I NOT get?

You can kinda tell by the price. If it’s 2 bucks for a big bag… think twice. One kind is usually called Jumbo Braid, and another that I’ve gotten was called “kanekalon silky yaki pony”. The hair is coarse, rather dull looking (not much shine) and the strands are not uniform in thickness. Here is a picture of jumbo braid & nylon, hopefully you can see the difference in the thickness of the strands. You can DEFINITELY feel the difference!

Where can you buy the hair?

DoctoredLocks – Synthetic Yaky Switch Toyokalon Braid & Silky Straight Kanekalon Braid (don’t get the jumbo braid!)

HairMods – Silky Kanekalon

My Little Customs – Nylon & Katsilk Saran

Restoredoll – Katsilk Saran (I haven’t purchased from them myself, but hear good things)

My Personal Opinion?

After having rerooted a girl with all of the above types of synthetic hair… my favorite is the nylon. That doesn’t mean I won’t use toyokalon or kanekalon, it just means that if I can get the right color and have the money for it… I would prefer to use nylon hair. Biggest reason for that is the way the hair feels. It is so soft and silky, much more so than the other hair types I’ve tried and even more than the saran hair barbie usually comes with. I love how it feels.

Nov 142010

This has become my favorite way of getting some curl into a doll’s hair.  You don’t have to mess around with straws or rolling papers… all you have to do is get comfortable and braid.

What you want to do is to divide up little sections of her hair, and braid it.  The thickness of each braid depends on how cinky you want her hair.  For very cinky, like Faith…

… you will need to create lots of tiny braids.  For a more softer look, like Audrey…

… the braids can be larger, but you still will have to do a lot of them.

A word of caution here, do not use elastics to secure your braid… they tend to snap when put into cold water.  Not a good thing.  I usually use thread, but I’ve been meaning to try out the elastic thread you can get… you know that is elastic wrapped with thread?  I’ll update this when I try it out.

Now… you’ve got your girl (or guy) all braided up.  Now it’s time to set the wave.  Go get a kettle on and boil some water on the stove, not the microwave!  The microwave will tend to over heat the water and melt your doll’s hair.  Not a good thing! 😉  While the kettle is getting hot, go get some ice from the freezer.  Get yourself a bowl/cup/pot/whatever that is deep enough so that you doll’s hair will be completely emersed into it.  Fill it up with cold water & ice.

Is your kettle hot yet?  No?  Well stop watching it! 😉

Ok, now your water is hot.  Sit your dollie down in the sink, and pour the hot water on her hair making sure you get it all wet.  Do that for 10 seconds or until you run outta water.  Then carefully pick her up (she’s gonna be hot!) and dunk her head into the cold water.  That is what’s gonna cool her down & set the curl.  Let her sit in it for a few minutes until her hair is cool to touch.

Unless her are way better at braiding than I am, the ends of her hair is gonna be straight cause you didn’t get it into the braid.  To fix this, we are gonna cut them off.  Get out your sharp scissors and cut off the end of each braid just above the thread you used to secure it.  Then while the hair is still wet, start undoing all those braids you spent hours creating :)) .  I use a needle to pull them apart & gently finger comb her hair.  Don’t brush it unless you want major frizzies!

Let her hair air dry and viola… you created a hippy (sorry, but that’s what my hubby calls them).


PS: I found this other tutorial for doing wavy hair that is awesome.  This lady does some very pretty dolls!

Oct 272010

Hair styling has never been my strong point, so I won’t be explaining how to do any fancy up-to-do or anything… at least not right now. For now I’ll try to explain what I do to get her hair curly… which is a basic boil perm.

First off, you are going to need some rollers and perm papers. I’m cheap (or frugal… however you want to call it), so I use what I have on hand. That’s straws and toilet paper (the cheap one-ply stuff that doesn’t disolve in water), or saran wrap, or tissue wrap.

I take one sheet of the paper and rip it in half. Then I separate her hair into little sections and wrap the 1/2 sheet of paper around it and pull it down to cover the ends. Then I roll it up onto the straw until its tight up against her head and hold it in place with either a bobby pin or I take a straight pin and stick it through the straw and into her head. Sadistic aren’t I? I continue doing this until I have all her hair rolled up.

This is what Rhiannon looked like all rolled up in straws & saran wrap….

Rhiannon at the spa

Now you need some boiled water, so go put the kettle on and find a bowl big enough to dunk all her hair into it. Also, you are going to need a boil full of very cold water. In the past I have put a plastic baggie over her head so her hair didn’t get wet, but I have found that the hair doesn’t take to a curl as well, so I’d advise you not to do this. Then I dunk her head into the boiled water for 10 to 15 seconds and then immediately dunk it into the cold water until it is cool. This is the part that sets her curls.

This is the tough part for me… because the next thing I do is repaint her face, leaving her hair in the curlers until I’m done that is the best thing to do.

Oct 262010

Very very first thing you will need is hair. And you are going to want nice hair if you are putting this much work into it, right? So here are some good places to start…

  • MyLittleCustoms – absolutely gorgeous nylon & genuine saran hair in all kinds of colors. Good prices and an awesome lady too! — I’ve bought nylon hair from here & as promised I have a picture of what it looks like rerooted on a girl. You need 2 hanks to reroot a barbie.
  • RestoreDoll – they sell genuine Katsilk saran (the stuff Mattel uses). Tons of colors & I hear they are great to deal with.
  • Doctored Locks – I’ve bought their Synthetic Yaky Switch Toyokalon Braid and used it on a few dolls (Tara, A’Tika, Jacqueline). One package will reroot at least 2 barbies with hair down to their ankles… maybe even 3. I’d buy more from these guys except they raised the shipping to Canada to a crazy amount :(
  • Other sources of doll hair could be from donor dolls, embroidery thread, or nylon rope. I’ve got on my “to-do” list to try out nylon rope… if I ever get it done, I’ll show pictures.

I’ve taken some comparison pictures of the various types of synthetic hair I have on hand to give you an idea of how much you get & visual differences. It’s hard to show the differences of each, as some of it is how the hair feels to touch (nylon is very very soft & silky, saran almost as soft… Toyokalon & Kanekalon a bit stiffer, and I mean just a bit).

Oct 262010

Ok, so now you have your hair. If you don’t then go read this… Sources for synthetic hair.

Find somewhere comfortable to sit and a good light, because this is going to take a while. It’s not hard to do, but it’s time-consuming.

First thing I do is get rid of all the old hair. I take a pair of scissors and cut it as close as possible to her scalp. Then with a pair of tweezers, I reach inside her head and pull what’s left out until she is completely hairless.

There are a couple different methods to reroot. My advice is to pick one that you think sounds good to you and try it. Here are some links to tutorials on each method that I know about…

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