Apr 012012

I’ve finished Atalanta’s quiver finally…

And her bow, plus she now has a headband.

Now I just got to decide how I’m gonna make her arrows and then do it.  Then a stand and seal her face.  Home stretch!

Mar 112012

These are the most enthused boots I’ve made yet…

It took me a couple full days to work out the pattern & to tool them.  Then it took me a couple of hours just to lace them up.  By the time this gal gets her boots on, she’s missed the hunt! 😉

Feb 202012

I’ve been working on old unfinished projects lately, and Atalanta is one of them.  She was a warrior woman in Greek mythology.  There’s a cool story about her here.

The doll I started with was originally a Movin’ Groovin’ Teresa, one I picked up at Goodwill.

First thing I did was find her a different body… I didn’t like her stiff legs, and I have a preference to the belly button body’s.  I managed to pick up an Artsy Fashionista who’s skin tone is close to this head.

Her original hair needed some work (a lot actually)… so I opted to reroot her totally with 2 shades of golden blonde and a streak of midnight black saran at the nape of her neck (inspired by Shakira).  This took me several months *blush* as I put her on the back burner a few times.  But I finally finished her reroot a couple weeks ago.  Then I braided her hair in tiny braids (16 in total), and gave her a boil perm.

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!

Now I’m working on her costume… and I’m thrilled with how it’s going.  I just had to share!  It’s greatly inspired by a leather working artist I found on DeviantArt… she made this in people size.  I love the colors and the use of fur bits, and how it’s unsymmetrical.  So I dug out my tooling leather, and this is what I’ve got done so far…

Cool or what?!?!

Ok… I know, she’s missing a face.  That’ll come.  Also, she needs pauldrons (shoulder guards), bracers and boots.  And a weapon… bow and arrows would be true to her legend.

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