Feb 142013

So I’m bouncing from one doll idea to an other again… but have been trying to concentrate on my St. Paddy doll since there is a deadline on this one.  Her name is Eithne.  She was originally a surf city Midge (just like Sienna… yeah, I have a couple of these dolls 😉 )


I’ve removed all her original face paint, and given her a haircut.  I’ve also made her a green suede top hat…

Eithne Progress


I also gave her leg a simple tattoo…

Eithne's Tattoo

As you can see… she needs a face still :)

I’ve got her green suede dress put together, I’m just not sure how I’m gonna finish it.  I’m thinking of making her a little red velvet cloak & some fishnet stockings.  Not sure what I’ll do about boots… should I make them green or black?  Then there’s the pot of gold… not sure how I’ll do that.  Decisions 😕

Feb 032013

I knew about this place before, but I never really “looked”.  Shame on me!  OMG… what cool stuff they have!  From tiny little buckles to studs to thin tooling leather!  I needed some buckles for my leprechaun’s hat and came across their site again.  Needless to say… I put in an order for more than just buckles 😉

Rio Rondo Enterprises — Model Horse Tackmaking Kits & Supplies.

While I was there, I also stumbled across a link to Stevo’s Toys and had another OMG moment.   He makes tons of 1/6th guns!  Bingo… I found a saw’d off shotgun that’s prefect for Nicole!  She’s the mad max themed girl I’ve been working on forever for my son…. hmm, have I showed her off here yet?  Hmmm…. maybe… oh well, no harm in repeating myself :)


Cool, eh?

I had taken a Jakks body, and put a barbie head on her (with some modifications… contact me if you want the tutorial I used.) Then I made up the pattern for a motorcycle jacket & her snug leather pants.  She makes those pants look hot!  I’ve also repainted her face and given her a complete reroot as my son wanted her to have dark auburn hair….



I want to tweak her face more… and maybe paint in teeth like Atalanta & Paige.  Then I need to cut & wave her hair in a Farrah Fawcett style.  My son is suppose to make her a sword whenever he has time… and I needed a saw’d off shotgun :)  She will be cool!

Anyways… enough chat!  I should get back to making that top hat! 😀

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