Feb 022012

All I have left to do is make her a closed parasol, and maybe name tags on her stand.

If there is enough interest, I’m thinking of making a list of tutorials on how to make a doll like her.  Some of the tutorials are mine, others are links to ones I used.  Let me know if you think this is a good idea or not.

Jan 262012

Here’s Naomi’s finished top hat… cute eh?

Jan 232012

How to antique brass..

That site is great if you have brass eyelets that are just too shiny for your project.  I string them onto a wire, and use vinegar to darken them.  That’s what I did for Naomi’s eyelets on her corset.

The ones here are a bit too dark… no problem though.  Rubbing them with an eraser will lighten ’em up!

Unfortunately I need more done for her boots and hat.  I found out the hard way that not all “brass” eyelets are actually brass.  They are tin or something that’s been plated with brass, and that brass can be rubbed off.  Oops…



This method worked great!  And in minutes compared to the hours I spent on the other eyelets!


What I did was string the eyelets on a wire, then attached the wire to the … oh what do you call it… shaker hole lid of a spice jar.  Then I dipped them in the salt water, and then set in the spice jar above a bit of ammonia and screwed the lid on.  Like so…


Then I used a hairdryer to heat up the jar for a few minutes.  Then I repeated the process like that tutorial said.  Now I have this…

A tad dark, but my eraser will lighten up the spots I want lighter.  Now I’m ready to go make Naomi’s hat and spats (that rhymes LOL!)



May 222011

I’ve been working so much outside the house the last few weeks that I haven’t done a whole lot on dolls.  I have however finally finished her corsette & skirts.  I’ll be working on scanning the patterns to share.

The eyelets I used on her were originally bright gold (brass ones).  I wanted more of an antique look, so I soaked them in vinegar for a day, and then used the flame of a candle to burn them.  Pretty cool, eh?  The star “buttons” are actually mini brats I found in the scrapbooking section of Michaels.  Score! :D

Apr 022011

I finally finished rerooting her hair, and have done her all up in straws…errr… I mean “rollers”.  She’s been dunked into boiling water and is now waiting for her hair to dry and a face.  Not to mention a body… hopefully :)

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