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Here you will find my ramblings… mostly about customizing dolls, but occasionally I’ll talk about other things.

Nov 042015

I just finished a matching leather journals for some friends.  On these I tried out pyrography on the leather… and I really like the results!  This opens up a whole different way of personalizing the journals! I also tried using some different paper made from sugarcane.  It’s about as thick as regular copy paper, but […]

Sep 182015

I’m excited!  It will be my third one… hopefully it won’t rain!

Sep 182015

I was going to offer this journal for sale on my site… but it sold before I got to even got to post it in here 😀  What I think is really sweet is that the person who bought it was also the same person who bought the first doll I offered for sale.

Aug 312015

I finished making my own leather journal… and I’m impressed with myself I went all out… making it with images and sayings that are meaningful to me. Here is what the finished journal looks like…. Taa-Daa! What do you think?  If I was to make more leather journals… some simple & some more detailed like […]

Aug 072015

It’s been a long time, but I finally created something!  Oh my it feels good to be inspired again! I was going to write in my journal… it’s a leather journal I bought awhile ago… and I realized that I will need to get another one as it’s almost full.  So I went to the […]

Jan 252015

*big breath* It’s been way too long since I’ve done anything dollie related.  It’s been like I’m stuck and have had absolutely no inspiration or incentive to create anything.  The thought just made me want to go stick my head in a hole… which I did. Well, I got to get over it.  My body […]

Apr 152014

We lost a beautiful person yesterday.   I’ll say more later… right now my heart hurts too much.  I’m gonna miss you honey!

Jan 012014

I got a new laptop for Christmas (does happy dance) so I’m hoping I’ll be able to write here more often.  I am so impressed with Future Shop and it’s delivery speed for online orders!  I ordered this laptop on Christmas eve, and it was delivered on the morning of the 27th… with free delivery! […]

Feb 142013

So I’m bouncing from one doll idea to an other again… but have been trying to concentrate on my St. Paddy doll since there is a deadline on this one.  Her name is Eithne.  She was originally a surf city Midge (just like Sienna… yeah, I have a couple of these dolls 😉 ) I’ve […]

Feb 032013

I knew about this place before, but I never really “looked”.  Shame on me!  OMG… what cool stuff they have!  From tiny little buckles to studs to thin tooling leather!  I needed some buckles for my leprechaun’s hat and came across their site again.  Needless to say… I put in an order for more than […]

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