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Random ramblings about what I’m working on.

Mar 112012

These are the most enthused boots I’ve made yet… It took me a couple full days to work out the pattern & to tool them.  Then it took me a couple of hours just to lace them up.  By the time this gal gets her boots on, she’s missed the hunt! 😉

Mar 012012

She has a face now! Now to work on boots, bow, quiver & arrows!

Feb 272012

So I’ve made Atalanta’s pauldrons (shoulder guards) and bracers (wrist guards).  While working out the design of her boots, I’m working on her face… She kinda looks like she’s eaten some ambrosia eh?

Feb 202012

I’ve been working on old unfinished projects lately, and Atalanta is one of them.  She was a warrior woman in Greek mythology.  There’s a cool story about her here. The doll I started with was originally a Movin’ Groovin’ Teresa, one I picked up at Goodwill. First thing I did was find her a different […]

Feb 022012

All I have left to do is make her a closed parasol, and maybe name tags on her stand. If there is enough interest, I’m thinking of making a list of tutorials on how to make a doll like her.  Some of the tutorials are mine, others are links to ones I used.  Let me […]

Jan 262012

Here’s Naomi’s finished top hat… cute eh?

Jan 112012

Paige A Think Pink Awareness Angel by *ReflectionsByIce on deviantART Paige is getting packed up for her new home in Germany!  Cool eh?

Dec 052011

This is Paige, a Guardian Angel I’ve been working on for a contest at DeviantArt.      

May 222011

I’ve been working so much outside the house the last few weeks that I haven’t done a whole lot on dolls.  I have however finally finished her corsette & skirts.  I’ll be working on scanning the patterns to share. The eyelets I used on her were originally bright gold (brass ones).  I wanted more of […]

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