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Here you will find my ramblings… mostly about customizing dolls, but occasionally I’ll talk about other things.

Jan 202013

I decided to attempt making some fairy wings using cellophane and gallery glass… and am experimenting with embossing powder.  Cool stuff!  I love how it kind of bubbles on the wings. This picture isn’t the best… but it’s a picture?

Jan 072013

Cool! Facts on Honey and Cinnamon: It is found that a mixture of honey and Cinnamon cures most diseases. via Facts on Honey and Cinnamon: It is found that a mixture of honey and Cinnamon cures most diseases. – Facts – Fatal Facts.

Jan 072013

I have too much stuff!  😮 But I’m feeling really accomplished in getting some of it organized.  Thought I’d share these nifty drawer towers.  These work great for storing fabrics & other supplies!  I bought 2 of them, and sent hubby out to get more! Gracious Living 3-Drawer Wide Tower | Canadian Tire.

Jan 012013

Thank you Life Thank you for this breath Thank you for this inhale Thank you for this exhale Thank you for this Life Thank you Heart Thank you for this pounding Thank you for this pulsing Thank you for this Love Thank you feet Thank you for this walk Thank you for this run Thank […]

Dec 102012

Now to decide if I should sell her… and how much 😕

Dec 022012

  Now to create a stand for her… which I want to have a rock or something for her to do the “Captain’s Morgan” stance on.  Pixiecritter made an excellent tutorial for creating grave stones from styrofoam which I might try to use.

Nov 052012

This morning was so beautiful!  I am so glad that I didn’t take my insurance off my bike as it was a great day to ride!

Oct 202012

My son wanted a black jean jacket.  Do you think we could find such a thing?  Noooooo…. but we found a blue one at a thrift store that was in good shape.  And I have black Rit Dye that I had purchased awhile ago to dye a Jakks doll black (the drow I’ve been wanting […]

Oct 172012

I’ve had such an awesome summer!  LOL… it’s the middle of October, and I’m still thinking it’s summer, although it’s cool enough now to actually be fall. Last April when I brought out my motorcycle, I was determined to learn to ride it.  I had about 200km’s on her.  At the time we had learned […]

Jul 242012

We just arrived back from our first long trip on our motorcycles.  We left exactly 2 months after I got my license and rode from Vancouver Island to Prince George… almost 2000km!  What a blast!  It was great to see my family in PG.  We had awesome weather including super hot days on the way […]

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