Journals Sold

Here are some of the journals I’ve sold.

Nov 042015

I just finished a matching leather journals for some friends.  On these I tried out pyrography on the leather… and I really like the results!  This opens up a whole different way of personalizing the journals! I also tried using some different paper made from sugarcane.  It’s about as thick as regular copy paper, but […]

Sep 282015

This journal has a semi-hard cover that is wrapped with gorgeous brown leather and suede.  It is 5″ x 7″ and has approximately 200 pages.  This one is spoken for and not available.  

Sep 182015

I was going to offer this journal for sale on my site… but it sold before I got to even got to post it in here 😀  What I think is really sweet is that the person who bought it was also the same person who bought the first doll I offered for sale.

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