Tips & Tricks for Customizing Dolls

Tips and tricks I’ve learned in customizing dolls

Jan 072013

I have too much stuff!  😮 But I’m feeling really accomplished in getting some of it organized.  Thought I’d share these nifty drawer towers.  These work great for storing fabrics & other supplies!  I bought 2 of them, and sent hubby out to get more! Gracious Living 3-Drawer Wide Tower | Canadian Tire.

Oct 202012

My son wanted a black jean jacket.  Do you think we could find such a thing?  Noooooo…. but we found a blue one at a thrift store that was in good shape.  And I have black Rit Dye that I had purchased awhile ago to dye a Jakks doll black (the drow I’ve been wanting […]

Mar 312012

Supplies: Very thin tooling leather (I used 2oz petite calf, but I think this will work just as well A sharp exacto knife Pattern A well sharpened pencil Clear tape For this tutorial, I created this pattern.  It’s a very simple bustier that will be laced up in the back….     Ok… so you […]

Feb 062012

This is Naomi, my Steampunk themed doll.  She now looks totally different from the original doll I started with… Wanna know what all I did to her? Well… continue reading. First off… I gave her a body transplant.  The original doll had been a thrift store find, and not so gently played with either.  Her […]

Jan 232012

How to antique brass.. That site is great if you have brass eyelets that are just too shiny for your project.  I string them onto a wire, and use vinegar to darken them.  That’s what I did for Naomi’s eyelets on her corset. The ones here are a bit too dark… no problem though.  Rubbing […]

Jan 222012

OMG… this hat is perfect!  I’ve so got to try this for Naomi!  Think it’ll work in 1/6th scale?   Tom Banwell—Leather and Resin Projects: Steampunk Leather Top Hat Tutorial.   EDIT: Check it out in 1/6th scale!

Dec 312011

  Here is a closeup of the toyokalon & nylon together in the same color (I like silver *grin*) What do the dolls look like after they’ve been rerooted? Well, here are two I’ve done with Kanekalon & Toyokalon. I’ll add more as I do them. Neither of these 2 have been styled so they […]

Dec 312011

How I reroot a doll…. The type of hair I used here is a mix of Midnight Black and Brunette Saran (mainly midnight black) purchased from My Little Customs. You can also get the long needle to make your “tool” from her as well.

Dec 292011

This tutorial by Deb Woods  is what I followed to make my first set of wings… Feather Wings. Since them, I’ve modified a few things… like my wire wing base & that I use really thin leather to attach the feathers on.  When I get a chance I’ll expand this post to include the pattern […]

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