Mar 312012

Supplies: Very thin tooling leather (I used 2oz petite calf, but I think this will work just as well A sharp exacto knife Pattern A well sharpened pencil Clear tape For this tutorial, I created this pattern.  It’s a very simple bustier that will be laced up in the back….     Ok… so you […]

Feb 062012

This is Naomi, my Steampunk themed doll.  She now looks totally different from the original doll I started with… Wanna know what all I did to her? Well… continue reading. First off… I gave her a body transplant.  The original doll had been a thrift store find, and not so gently played with either.  Her […]

Jan 232012

How to antique brass.. That site is great if you have brass eyelets that are just too shiny for your project.  I string them onto a wire, and use vinegar to darken them.  That’s what I did for Naomi’s eyelets on her corset. The ones here are a bit too dark… no problem though.  Rubbing […]

Jan 222012

OMG… this hat is perfect!  I’ve so got to try this for Naomi!  Think it’ll work in 1/6th scale?   Tom Banwell—Leather and Resin Projects: Steampunk Leather Top Hat Tutorial.   EDIT: Check it out in 1/6th scale!

Dec 292011

This tutorial by Deb Woods  is what I followed to make my first set of wings… Feather Wings. Since them, I’ve modified a few things… like my wire wing base & that I use really thin leather to attach the feathers on.  When I get a chance I’ll expand this post to include the pattern […]

Dec 062011

This is the pattern I created to make Takoda’s leggings & moccasins.

Nov 032010

For supplies, you will need a set of pliers with a small needle nose, tweezers, a “mandrel” (I use a piece of 14 gauge wire… it makes a ring with an inside diameter of about 1/16″ which in my opinion is a good scale for barbie), wire to make the rings (I use 24 gauge), […]

Nov 032010

You can sew thin leather on a regular sewing machine WITHOUT a special presser foot. This page has some tips on how to do it that do work! I made myself a “paper plate” that works like a charm. If you find your sewing machine is skipping stitches when sewing leather, reduce the tension. It […]

Nov 032010

Eyelets I highly recommend getting an eyelet setter. It will make setting eyelets a breeze! The one I use is actually for scrapbooking, called Making Memories Instant Setter. If using 1/16″ eyelets, use a thumb tack to help you push that sucker through both leather & fabric. It’s diameter is slightly smaller than the eyelet […]

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