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Jan 072013

I have too much stuff!  😮 But I’m feeling really accomplished in getting some of it organized.  Thought I’d share these nifty drawer towers.  These work great for storing fabrics & other supplies!  I bought 2 of them, and sent hubby out to get more! Gracious Living 3-Drawer Wide Tower | Canadian Tire.

Oct 202012

My son wanted a black jean jacket.  Do you think we could find such a thing?  Noooooo…. but we found a blue one at a thrift store that was in good shape.  And I have black Rit Dye that I had purchased awhile ago to dye a Jakks doll black (the drow I’ve been wanting […]

Jan 232012

How to antique brass.. That site is great if you have brass eyelets that are just too shiny for your project.  I string them onto a wire, and use vinegar to darken them.  That’s what I did for Naomi’s eyelets on her corset. The ones here are a bit too dark… no problem though.  Rubbing […]

Dec 042010

Supplies & tools needed… Wooden bases (I sometimes get mine from the dollar store) 14 gauge wire (I use stainless steel, something that won’t tarnish) Hollow metal tubing (I use K&S Engineering that is 1/8″ in diameter in either brass or aluminum.) Fabric, trim, paint, oil… whatever you want to use to finish the base. […]

Nov 142010

First thing you are going to have to do is clean her, even if she looks clean or is a brand new doll. A good bath never hurt anyone. I use whatever soap I have on hand, be it dish washing soap or cheap shampoo and hot water. Because I need her head off to […]

Nov 032010

You can sew thin leather on a regular sewing machine WITHOUT a special presser foot. This page has some tips on how to do it that do work! I made myself a “paper plate” that works like a charm. If you find your sewing machine is skipping stitches when sewing leather, reduce the tension. It […]

Nov 032010

Eyelets I highly recommend getting an eyelet setter. It will make setting eyelets a breeze! The one I use is actually for scrapbooking, called Making Memories Instant Setter. If using 1/16″ eyelets, use a thumb tack to help you push that sucker through both leather & fabric. It’s diameter is slightly smaller than the eyelet […]

Nov 032010

Again I’m going to give you a link to a tutorial. This is basically the method I use… Jennifer Scully’s Eyelash Rooting Tutorial I’ve found that “Curly Hair” by One & Only Creations works the best in my opinion for eyelashes. It very fine, and will hold a curl just from the warmth of your […]

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