Tips & Tricks for Customizing Dolls

Tips and tricks I’ve learned in customizing dolls

Dec 062011

This is the pattern I created to make Takoda’s leggings & moccasins.

Dec 042010

Supplies & tools needed… Wooden bases (I sometimes get mine from the dollar store) 14 gauge wire (I use stainless steel, something that won’t tarnish) Hollow metal tubing (I use K&S Engineering that is 1/8″ in diameter in either brass or aluminum.) Fabric, trim, paint, oil… whatever you want to use to finish the base. […]

Nov 252010

This area is currently a work in progress, so please check back often. I’ll be updating it as frequently as I am able. When I first started this hobby (10 or 11 years ago OMG I feel old!), the internet was full of sites that freely gave out tips and techniques to help you get […]

Nov 142010

This has become my favorite way of getting some curl into a doll’s hair.  You don’t have to mess around with straws or rolling papers… all you have to do is get comfortable and braid. What you want to do is to divide up little sections of her hair, and braid it.  The thickness of […]

Nov 142010

First thing you are going to have to do is clean her, even if she looks clean or is a brand new doll. A good bath never hurt anyone. I use whatever soap I have on hand, be it dish washing soap or cheap shampoo and hot water. Because I need her head off to […]

Nov 062010

Here’s a basic way… and it’s the way I usually do blue eyes but it will work with any eye color.  It involves only one color that’s been either lightened or darkened. Take a brush full of your main color and mix it with white.  You want a very pale shade of your main color… […]

Nov 032010

For supplies, you will need a set of pliers with a small needle nose, tweezers, a “mandrel” (I use a piece of 14 gauge wire… it makes a ring with an inside diameter of about 1/16″ which in my opinion is a good scale for barbie), wire to make the rings (I use 24 gauge), […]

Nov 032010

You can sew thin leather on a regular sewing machine WITHOUT a special presser foot. This page has some tips on how to do it that do work! I made myself a “paper plate” that works like a charm. If you find your sewing machine is skipping stitches when sewing leather, reduce the tension. It […]

Nov 032010

Eyelets I highly recommend getting an eyelet setter. It will make setting eyelets a breeze! The one I use is actually for scrapbooking, called Making Memories Instant Setter. If using 1/16″ eyelets, use a thumb tack to help you push that sucker through both leather & fabric. It’s diameter is slightly smaller than the eyelet […]

Nov 032010

Again I’m going to give you a link to a tutorial. This is basically the method I use… Jennifer Scully’s Eyelash Rooting Tutorial I’ve found that “Curly Hair” by One & Only Creations works the best in my opinion for eyelashes. It very fine, and will hold a curl just from the warmth of your […]

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